"Youth is 100% of the future."

Young generation plays a very important role in shaping the future of a nation. In this age where modernism has infiltrated indigenous communities in many ways, there is a big gap between the youth and the elders which leads to a disconnection of younger generation to their cultures. On the other hands, industrialization that occurs rapidly following the infrastructure building in the areas of indigenous communities and causes the big loss of the forest has been threatening the lives and existence of indigenous people. These challenges cannot be overcome by spears and swords just like the ancestors did in the past. One big weapon is needed urgently right now.

Young people have been equipped with education, technology and skills. This is the time for the youth to come back to their roots and use their power to build their communities. YOUTH ACT is a movement which calls for all indigenous youth in Indonesia to speak up about the issues in their communities and land, and take action as the part of the solutions.

YOUTH ACT first started in 2016 by Emmanuela and her team as a Youth Act Campaign that launched after big environmental disaster in Indonesia that affected neighbor countries, and became the world's attention as biggest carbon contributor to climate change. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to end forest fire and toxic haze that already happen in Kalimantan since 1997, every year until now. Youth Act Campaign then known widely in South East Asian through When Women Fight short documentary which is produced and filmed by Shinta herself. In 2017 it was featured in UNICEF White Paper publication. 

Emmanuela Shinta strongly believes in people power, and she is very passionate about empowering youth.  It is then expanded into more than a campaign for environment; it is a movement whose focus to propel youth to act as response to the social and humanity problems happening around their communities. 

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