Culture and dance provides a platform for youth activism in Kalimantan

It was during the dangerous forest fires that were burning in Kalimantan in 2015 that Emmanuela came to prominence as a youth activist. The fires were on the news and the impacts were being felt in Singapore and China but there was nothing about the impact of the fires in Kalimantan.


Emmanuela Shinta was visiting Australia from 26 November - 8 December and traveling to Brisbane, Byron Shire ( Nov 30 to Dec 4 ) then Gold Coast to present at the APWT conference . She brought films to showcase, talk, storytelling and books to launch at events.

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From MeToo to deforestation: Indonesian writers on their country's biggest challenges

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A conversation with Emmanuela Shinta, Dayak Leader, Filmmaker and Activist at the Ranu Welum Foundation during the Global Landscapes Forum: Peatlands Matter thematic event in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 18, 2017.
This is the clip from my speech in Changing The Narrative section, GLF Bonn. Credit : GLF Multimedia