“We must find our full voice and shout from our shores, so that the sound rises and is heard by those who sit on the thrones of power. “

Not only about me, but about “us.” The Dayaks.

Despite the fact that I just launch my latest book entitled Me, Modernism and My Indigenous Roots, #StoriesthatMatter is more than a promotional tour. This is an adventure to bring forth the ancient sounds from my beloved homeland, Kalimantan, to the world. I spent almost one month in the United States then in Bali for the tour and it was amazing!

Just in next few weeks, I will be bringing these stories to Oz. Dayak music, dance and song will come to four cities along with film showcase, talk and book launch. If you are around, please feel free to reach out for the time and venue information!

Brisbane 26-30 November 2018

Byron Bay & Mullumbimby 31-4 December 2018

Gold Coast 5-8 December 2018

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