"Even our lowest voices can be heard over all intimidation, when it’s telling the truth.”

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STORIES THAT MATTER Australia Tour - Emmanuela Shinta

Emmanuela Shinta, 26 years old, is a Dayak young leader who is in the frontline to address the issues of indigenous people rights, social justice and environmental destruction in Kalimantan by using audiovisual media. Her works have been recognized widely in Acia Pacific, including being the icon of Asian Geographic issue 117 Planet Under Fire and featured in UNICEF Global White Paper Women Health & Climate 2017. With organization called Ranu Welum Foundation which she founded in 2016, she has trained more than 100 young indigenous people to be able to use camera to tell their causes. She has been speaking on behalf of her communities in regional and international forum about public misperception on Dayak people and bringing the stories from the ground up to global audience through short videos and documentaries.

“Indigenous voices are still not represented well in this country. Somehow I learn there is a new awakening. There is tribal revival. Indigenous people are rising up and take their position as the gate keepers of the land. Modernism and capitalism which infiltrate our culture make it hard to hear. But the ancient sound is different from other sounds. It can be heard over noises and ongoing debate that bury everything else. Even when it’s not shouting. Even if it’s just a whisper or the soft mention of the names of our elders, brothers and sisters. Even our lowest voices can be heard over all intimidation, when it’s telling the truth.”

Stories that Matter tour is an adventure to bring fourth these sounds and voices the heart of Kalimantan forest to the world. Prior to her visit to Australia, Shinta went to the United States for a tour in last October. After several meetings and events in California, she went to Ubud, Bali and had the tour in Bali for ten days.

Emmanuela Shinta will be in Oz from 26 November - 8 December and travel to Brisbane, Byron then Gold Coast. She will bring film showcase, talk, storytelling and book launch in the events.

The purpose of this trip is to raise awareness about Kalimantan issues, bring the stories from Dayak communities to the global audience and to launch her latest book entitled Me, Modernism and My Indigenous Roots; The book is about her perspective about life in the midst of environmental destruction and industrialization in her homeland, Kalimantan, as long the connection to her ancestors and her journey in indigenous activism that leads into self discovery.

Schedules :

27 November : 7pm  "Activist Stories" -- at Kulripa Hall West End Brisbane presented by Brisbane Greens

Green Drinks at 6pm - Greens Office 2/112 Dalley St. Mullum

Sat 1 December- Campfire Conversation and music share hosted by Christopher Dean

Address: The Studio property 568 Myocum Rd Myocum/Byron Christopher mob : 0411600073

5-8 December :

Asia Pacific Writer & Translator Conference in Gold Coast

5 Dec Wednesday at 11.30am - 12.45pm Indigenous Cultures and Literature (G11 3.64)

7 Dec Friday at 10am-11.15am Panel 21 Bringing Indonesian Writing (G11.3.60)

7 Dec Friday Book Launch 

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