Stories That Matter - India Tour

This tour was quite different from my previous tour. Every tour had its own story and I quite enjoyed each of them. In India, We traveled to several cities for film festival and visited communities for solidarity and live-in experience. I write about my experience here.

And here are some publication from the festival.

Decolonising The Frame: India’s First International Indigenous Film Festival

In 2015, twenty-four-year-old, Emmanuela Shinta, had organised a series of grand, outdoor screenings in public spaces as a means to counter exclusion of the Dayak tribes in mainstream festival landscapes and create “their own box offices”. Her story exemplifies a model that uses existing frameworks to offer a counterpoint to the persistence of mainstream distribution barriers. By screening films in transitory public spaces, she created a model which collapsed the operational distinctions between distribution and exhibition. Read more…

Bring Your Own Film Festival – ‘BYOFF’ Kicks Off In Puri

Bring Your Own Film Festival (BYOFF), the three-day international event was inaugurated in the pilgrim town on Thursday. The event will witness participation of 60 international and national films this year. With seven countries participating, BYOFF will have workshops on filmmaking animation and collaborative filmmaking. Read more…

Publication on the local newspaper.

Publication on the local newspaper.

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