Charity Concert with Harmony Care

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Usually, every year before the last day in December I would take three days off from all activities and technology. I would just stay at home for 72 hours and spent time with prayer, meditation and of course, writing down all things happening in the whole year and setting new goals for the upcoming year. However, in the end of 2018, I was barely finding time to do my annual ritual - self reflection. We had family Christmas vacation to Bali and it was truly a busy holiday.

In the first week of 2019, I already put all the schedules from January-August. Honestly till today I am a bit surprised when I realize that the schedule every month I will be flying around for works. It means I will be leaving my beloved dogs (again) and not able to plant flower and vegetable seeds that I brought from California. January is the only month where I will fully stay in Palangka Raya. “Well, I will enjoy this moment.” I am so happy because I get a lot of time to read books and do my music. Most of the time of this month I have been spending at my room to read, write, make songs, play music and do some recording. This is a very good way to start the journey in new year! But the best part has not come yet.

On January 6th, a friend of mine suddenly texted me by WA to ask if I would be willing to involve in the charity concert which aim to do fundraising for the victims of earthquake in Selat Sunda. The concert was a public event and would be conducted on January 9th in one of the shopping center in the city. At first, I was not sure due to the short notification and less of preparation. But anyway, I said yes to join the concert. I practiced the couples of songs that I wanted to perform and asked some other friends to join as musician and vocalist. Shortly, it happened. We performed some different kinds of songs; traditional Dayak songs Mambesei, Anri Arai Atei and Tumpi Wayu Lapat Wayu; English cover song of BTS (most famous boy band in the world now!) Epiphany, and some other songs from Hillsong. It’s so fun because technically, there were some errors yet we were still firing. Ha!

Being well prepared and excellent is my standard in everything that I do. Somehow, I also love spontaneous actions. In the world where people are wearing mask every single day, sincerity becomes something precious that the world is looking for. Being spontaneous but true is always better than being excellent but fake. I was so inspired by other performers in the concert especially the kids who were spreading joy to audiences through their false yet cute singing and beautiful dancing. Indonesia has experienced a lot during the past year and this small concert is a proof of the love from Dayak people to this country. Even the smallest act, matters. This year has started in such beautiful way and I am thankful for that.

And anyway, I have got an idea to make another concert. Follow my another instagram account @emmanuelastudio to stay update with my art and music work.

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