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Ranu Welum Foundation, the organisation which established the Bali International Indigenous Film Festival, is based in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. This non-profit foundation specializes in media and filmmaking and provides funding and training for Indonesian filmmakers. The next ambitious project of Ranu Welum is setting up pop-up cinemas in smaller regional towns all over Indonesia.

Before the main programs of the Bail International Indigenous Film Festival happen (May 10 - 12th), there will be pre-event Pop Up Screening & Discussion which focuses on Indonesian indigenous films and to engage students specifically into discussion about youth’s role in using digital platform to raise the issues of indigenous people rights. Here are the details of the event.

Date : Wednesday 08 May 2019

Time : 18.00 WIB - 22.00 WIB

Location : Gedung Citta Kelangen Lt.II Ruang Vicon Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar

There are several documentary films and short videos that will be shown in this Pop Up Screening. Here is the list of the films.

A Time To Swim (82 minutes)

Ngelimbang (17 minutes)

Peatland Matters (9 minutes)

Matah Padi (12 minutes)

Video Activism showcase (20 minutes)

There will be sharing experience, Q & A with filmmakers and also discussion on how to use audiovisual media for communities’ empowerment and social impact. This event is held by the collaboration of Ranu Welum Foundation,BIIFF team and Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar.

I will be there!