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After a year, I am coming back to this annual cultural celebration in my home country, Barito. This is the place where my community, Dayak Maanyan tribe, live. The Festival Nan Sarunai Jajaka happen from 28 April - 2 May. it is an annual celebration where hundreds of bracelet dancers are performing (shaman,  shawoman,  children , youth and elders) and celebrating the culture. This bracelet dance is the signature of Dayak Maanyan tribe,  it is also performed for healing,  wedding,  death ceremony,  etc.

Personally I will say,  this trip is very special because once you come and visit this place, you will experience and learn how Dayak Maanyan communities are strengthening their culture and connecting the next generation to the teaching of the ancestors in the midst of modernism, industrialization and mining/palm oil expansion in their customary area. It's not just an event but it is an indigenous initiative to stand for their identity and decolonize.

I will be the jury (again) for tourism ambassadors competition this year. Besides, my team and I will also conduct training on Media and Digital Literacy for indigenous youth in the regency. This will definitely be my energy booster for next full schedules ahead!