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Started from the grassroot level by local communities in Kalimantan in 2015, the Indigenous Film Festival has grown into a full-fledged event with international audience in Bali last year, and has since traveled to Bhubaneswar in India and back to Kalimantan this coming May before making a stop in Kuching as part of RFF2019.

With the theme of "stories that matter", the film festival serves as a platform for regional and international indigenous filmmakers to showcase their work, to form collaborations and networks, and to be able to reach out to a wider audience. Using film as a medium to promote and tell the stories of indigenous communities, the festival is a series of screenings, workshops for young filmmakers, dialogues with prominent indigenous filmmakers and networking sessions running throughout RFF2019. Some of the indigenous films that will be screened include When Women Fight, Pt 2 [Indonesia], Corroboree [Australia], Kayan: Beyond the Ring [Thailand] and Dibi Durga [India], among many others.

More information, visit the website of RainForest Fringe Festival.